September 7, 2023

How to Stage Your Home for Maximum Sale Price

How to Stage Your Home for Maximum Sale Price


Selling a home can be stressful, but strategic staging gives you more control over the outcome. As a Connecticut homeowner, you want to squeeze every last dollar out of the sale price. I get it – you’ve put years of love and work into your home. Now it’s time to showcase it for potential buyers.

The key is preparing your property so it appeals to the widest range of buyers. I’m talking decluttering, renovations, furniture rearrangement…the works! It’s a lot to tackle on your own. But the effort pays off when buyers walk through your home and can instantly picture themselves living there.

In this guide, I’ll share insider tips on how to stage your Connecticut home for maximum sale price. I’ll cover:

  • Top priorities like decluttering and cleaning
  • Smart renovations that maximize value
  • Affordable styling tricks room-by-room
  • The benefits of hiring a professional stager
  • Answers to common staging questions

Trust me, the small investment of time and money into home staging is well worth it. Do it right, and you could net thousands more dollars when you finally hand over the keys. Ready to get the most bang for your buck? Let’s dive in!

Declutter and Clean Thoroughly

A cluttered home will immediately turn off potential buyers. Go room by room and eliminate clutter by storing, selling or donating unneeded items. Hire professional cleaners to do a deep clean of every room.

  • Go Room by Room

    Tackle one room at a time. Remove personal photos, half the items from bookshelves, cabinets and drawers. Purge unused exercise equipment from spare rooms.

  • Store Unneeded Items

    Minimizing any clutter any items left out throughout your home gives a chance for the rooms themselves to shine.  Pack up out-of-season clothes, holiday decor, extra furniture, children’s toys and hobby supplies. If you’re limited on storage space, you might consider renting a storage unit to eliminate clutter.

  • Hire Professional Cleaners

    Hire a cleaning service to do a sparkling clean of floors, walls, windows, appliances, fixtures and surfaces. This removes grime and gives a like-new sheen. The first impression your home makes on potential buyers can be heavily impacted by the level of cleanliness throughout the house.

Make Minor Renovations

Minor renovations and repairs make a home feel fresh and move-in ready. Focus on high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms to maximize your investment.

  • Update Kitchen and Bathrooms

    Updating faucets and fixtures, or even cabinets and countertops in kitchens and baths can add a contemporary feel to dated spaces. Kitchen and bath remodels are often some of the best projects in terms of value spent retained at sale. Other budget friendly options are adding new cabinet hardware and replacing old linoleum floors with modern luxury vinyl.

  • Repair Cracks and Holes

    Repair cracks in walls and ceilings, holes in screens and any damage around windows and doors. These flaws stand out like a sore thumb in an otherwise showing-ready house, and can give potential buyers the impression that the house is older than it is, incorrectly maintained, or just a worse investment.

  • Improve Curb Appeal

    Paint or power wash exterior surfaces,  add colorful flowers or landscaping features visible from the road, and repair any damage to the roof, shutters, railings, walkways, etc.

Style and Stage Each Room

Furniture arrangement and décor updates tailored to each room help buyers visualize living in the home.

  • Less is More

    Remove excess furniture so rooms feel more spacious. Store extra chairs, side tables, bulky items.

  • Use Accent Colors

    Paint an accent wall or add colorful pillows, throws and decor to add contrast and excitement to your rooms. While not every room needs to be “flipper gray,” it’s still worth avoiding strong colors that could turn buyers off.

  • Arrange Furniture for Flow

    Creative composition of your rooms can heavily impact the buyer’s first impressions. Consider angling furniture to define sitting areas and create open flow through each room. Removing coffee tables, islands, and sitting areas that block flow can also give the home a more comfortable, functional walking flow.

Other Important Touches

Smaller tasks help complete the staging such as airing out odors, optimizing lighting and adding greenery.

  • Air Out the House

    Eliminate cooking, pet and smoking odors. Open windows on nice days. Consider ozone generators to neutralize stubborn smells.

  • Ensure Good Lighting

    Maximize natural light by opening blinds. Use higher wattage bulbs. Add lamps to brighten dark corners.

  • Add Flowers and Plants

    Fresh flowers and potted plants add life and brighter visual appeal. Greenery on the patio also improves curb appeal.

Hire a Staging Professional

For best results, hire a certified staging pro. They have the expertise to prepare a home properly and highlight its strongest selling points.

  • Benefits of Professional Staging

    Pro stagers have an objective eye to rearrange and depersonalize spaces. They access the right furniture, accessories and contractors.

  • How Much Does it Cost?

    Hiring a pro stager costs $600-$2,000 on average, with most homeowners spending $1,000-$1,500. The small investment pays off in a higher offer price.

By prepping your home with strategic decluttering, renovations and styling, you can attract more buyers and maximize your home’s sales price. The work involved is worthwhile, though hiring a professional stager is recommended to access their expertise.


How do I make living rooms feel more spacious when staging?2023-09-07T13:44:36+00:00

Remove bulky furniture like coffee tables, corner hutches and oversized ottomans. Position sofas and chairs at angles to open up flow.

Should I remove family photos when staging my home?2023-09-07T13:44:13+00:00

Yes, remove all personal photos and children’s artwork. Buyers can’t envision living there when they see your family. Store these items while selling.

Is it worth the money to hire professional stagers?2023-09-07T13:44:01+00:00

Yes, hiring a pro is one of the best investments when selling your home. They have the expertise to make your property stand out and highlight its strengths.

What’s the most cost-effective renovation when staging a home?2023-09-07T13:43:50+00:00

Updating kitchens and bathrooms by installing new fixtures and hardware gives you the biggest bang for your buck. Most buyers want updated kitchens and baths.

Should I repaint my entire house when staging it?2023-09-07T13:43:36+00:00

Repainting the entire interior is unnecessary for most homes. Focus on painting damaged walls and adding fresh neutral paint in high-traffic areas like living rooms.

How long in advance should I stage my home before listing it?2023-09-07T13:43:18+00:00

Ideally stage your home 1-2 weeks before listing it. This gives you time to complete renovations, deep clean, rearrange furniture and remove clutter without feeling rushed.

Meet Sarah Perrotti


Based in Litchfield County, Connecticut, Sarah is a distinguished full-time realtor specializing in luxury properties and concierge services tailored to discerning buyers and sellers.

With a Masters degree in Social Work, Sarah brings a unique perspective to real estate, ensuring confidentiality and seamless transactions.


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Meet Sarah Perrotti


Based in Litchfield County, Connecticut, Sarah is a distinguished full-time realtor specializing in luxury properties and concierge services tailored to discerning buyers and sellers.

With a Masters degree in Social Work, Sarah brings a unique perspective to real estate, ensuring confidentiality and seamless transactions.

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