September 1, 2023

How to Find Land For Sale in Connecticut

How to Find Land For Sale in Connecticut

Connecticut offers beautiful landscapes and scenery, making it a desirable place to buy land. Whether you want to build a home, start a farm, or develop commercial property, there are many options for land parcels available in Connecticut. Whether you’re looking at purchasing an investment property, building a custom home, or just interested in the state of the market, here are some tips on where to look and what to consider when searching for land for sale in the Constitution State.

Real Estate Websites

Popular real estate sites like Zillow, Trulia, and feature listings for vacant land and acreage in Connecticut. You can filter for parcel size, location, price, and other specifics. The benefit of these sites is seeing consolidated listings in one place, but sometimes smaller parcels or FSBOs may be missing. Here’s a quick comparison of the most popular options:


  • Large database of listings
  • Easy to filter searches
  • Price estimates
  • Mobile app


  • Accuracy of Zestimates questionable
  • Listings can be duplicated
  • Less inventory than some sites


  • Official MLS listings
  • Customizable searches
  • Market trends data
  • Professional advice content


  • Mostly realtor listings only
  • Must register an account to save searches
  • Limited listing history


  • Neighborhood insights
  • Listings have reviews
  • Filters like crime and amenities
  • Rent vs buy calculator


  • Accuracy of estimates questionable
  • Duplicate listings
  • Heavy ads affect user experience
  • Smaller total inventory

MLS Listings

Realtors have access to MLS (Multiple Listing Services) databases that contain comprehensive real estate listings, including land. Working with a real estate agent allows you to tap into the MLS to find suitable land parcels that match your criteria. However, you may have limited search functionality compared to public sites.

For Sale by Owner Listings

Some landowners in Connecticut sell their properties themselves without a realtor. Browsing FSBO (for sale by owner) sites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and classified ads can uncover deals. The downside is there may be fewer details and you have to negotiate directly with the seller.

Types of Land Parcels Available in Connecticut

Connecticut has a variety of unique locales and diverse landscapes, so the type of land parcels available varies across those environments.

Working with a Realtor vs. Going Solo

Should you enlist a real estate agent or buy land on your own? Here are some key factors to weigh.

Benefits of Using a Realtor

  • Access to MLS listings.
  • Insight on local market.
  • Realtors handle negotiations and paperwork.

Drawbacks of Using a Realtor

  • Most realtors charge commission.
  • Quality of agents vary, as will their availability, communications, and efforts.

Tips for Finding the Right Land in Connecticut

It takes research and planning to find an ideal land parcel aligned with your goals. Keep these tips in mind during your search.

  • Determine Your Intended Use

    Think about how you want to use the land, as that determines the type and location of the parcel you need. Factors like acreage, terrain, access, and zoning all depend on your purpose.

  • Research Permitting Requirements

    Take time to understand regulations and permit needs for building, zoning, septic, digging wells, and more based on your plans. The feasibility of your plans hinges on research upfront.

  • Inspect in Person

    Look beyond the listing photos. Visit parcels in person to get a genuine sense of the topography, surroundings, current condition, and any access challenges. Sometimes rural land can appear different than photos suggest.

  • Consider Access and Utilities

    Make sure any parcel has suitable frontage on a road and driveway access. Check on running water, electrical, internet, septic tank needs, and other utilities or hookups.

  • Get Professionals Involved

    Have professionals like surveyors, engineers, builders, and lawyers review parcels to uncover any red flags. They can provide valuable assessments on feasibility, costs, and risks.

  • Be Realistic About Costs

    Land itself can be pricey depending on location and size. Factor in permitting, utility installation, clearing land, surveying, and other potential costs. Budget accordingly.

With proper planning and preparation, you can find an ideal land parcel in Connecticut aligned with your goals, be it residential, agricultural, or commercial use. Focus your search using listings sites and realtors, then weigh factors like intended use, zoning, utilities, costs, and regulations. Partnering with professionals makes the buying process smoother. Take time to discover the right Connecticut land for sale to suit your needs.


Should I purchase title insurance when buying land in Connecticut?2023-09-01T13:24:56+00:00

Yes, title insurance protects against claims that could challenge your legal ownership. It covers liens, legal errors, unpaid taxes, and other title defects for the property that a title search didn’t uncover prior to purchase.

Is it better to buy land with or without a realtor in CT?2023-09-01T13:24:40+00:00

It’s generally wise to use a realtor when buying vacant land, as you benefit from their local expertise, negotiation skills, and MLS access. But you can find affordable FSBO deals without an agent if you do thorough research and get legal guidance.

How do I find land with water access in Connecticut?2023-09-01T13:24:24+00:00

Lakefront and oceanfront parcels are rare and pricey but possible. Listings on coastal outskirts of Bridgeport, New Haven, Groton, and Stonington may offer water access. Inland listings near Candlewood Lake, Highland Lake, and Lake Waramaug also provide water recreation.

What inspections should I get when buying land in CT?2023-09-01T13:24:07+00:00

Recommended inspections include: survey, title search, soil tests, environmental assessment, septic evaluation, checking for easements or right of ways, groundwater testing, perc test, and identifying wetlands or flood zones.

Can I put a tiny house on land I own in Connecticut?2023-09-01T13:23:56+00:00

Local zoning regulations determine if you can place a tiny home on a land parcel. Some rural towns allow tiny houses, while suburbs may prohibit them. Research zoning rules on minimum dwelling size.

What are taxes like in CT for vacant land?2023-09-01T13:23:37+00:00

Property taxes in Connecticut are among the highest in the U.S., though vacant land has lower taxes than developed properties. Average taxes on vacant land range from 1-2% of assessed value. Rates vary by town.

How do I find cheap land for sale in Connecticut?2023-09-01T13:23:24+00:00

For more affordable land, look in rural areas farther from cities and desirable amenities. Seek parcels without existing structures that need clearing or have limited utility access. Consider adjacent less pricey regions like northeastern PA, upstate New York, or the Naugatuck Valley.

How much does land cost in Connecticut?2023-09-01T13:22:57+00:00

Land prices vary dramatically based on location and acreage size. Rural undeveloped parcels can cost $5,000 – $15,000 per acre. In suburban or urban areas, land can cost over $100,000 per acre. Smaller lots under an acre may start between $50,000 – $150,000.

Meet Sarah Perrotti


Based in Litchfield County, Connecticut, Sarah is a distinguished full-time realtor specializing in luxury properties and concierge services tailored to discerning buyers and sellers.

With a Masters degree in Social Work, Sarah brings a unique perspective to real estate, ensuring confidentiality and seamless transactions.


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Meet Sarah Perrotti


Based in Litchfield County, Connecticut, Sarah is a distinguished full-time realtor specializing in luxury properties and concierge services tailored to discerning buyers and sellers.

With a Masters degree in Social Work, Sarah brings a unique perspective to real estate, ensuring confidentiality and seamless transactions.

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